In the district of Gràcia Fork breakfasts

The most important meal of the day Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why it has to be forceful so that it gives us energy and calories that we will burn throughout the day. For this reason, at Cal Boter Restaurant, we give breakfast the value it has and offer fork breakfasts from Monday to Saturday in our restaurant in the Gràcia district of Barcelona. Give breakfast the importance it deserves and come to our restaurant to sample all the fork breakfasts we can offer you.

Fork breakfasts which are?

Fork breakfasts are native to Catalonia and are triumphant throughout the country, especially on weekends. Fork breakfasts follow certain unwritten rules, there is usually no pasta, rice or soup, and almost all dishes are stews. The fork breakfasts vary by region, with some sausages, beans, cod, salads, etc. added. In the Cal Boter Restaurant in the Gràcia district, in addition to the special fork breakfasts, you can choose almost all the dishes on our menu.

Ours meals

We offer a good variety of specialties for this breakfast, such as gut and head and leg, pork legs with romesco, kidneys and grilled lamb, beef tail, catalan omelet (omelet with bread crumbs with tomato and serrano ham on top), trout with garlic, black omelet with sausage and beans, screws in the pan, cod with samfaina, cod with tuna, cod gratin with garlic and oil or sonsos.

Fork breakfasts And how we water it?

A good fork breakfast is usually well seasoned with good house wine and, if possible, drinked with 'porró'. At Restaurant Cal Boter we have excellent house wine. And if you fancy some of the wines in our menu, go ahead, we have a wonderful selection of D-Os. Montsant, Penedès, Priorat, Terra Alta, Rioja, ...

Cal Boter Restaurant Fork breakfasts

At Cal Boter Restaurant, we have all the usual dishes for the fork breakfasts, as well as black and white 'porró' wine and toasted bread with tomato to accompany your breakfast. Come to Cal Boter Restaurant and try our fork breakfasts in the Gràcia district of Barcelona.

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