Our Salads

“Xatonada” (Traditional Catalan salad)
Curly endive with salted cod, tuna, anchovies, grilled red pepper and “romesco” sauce
Seasonal salad
Lettuce, curly endive, endive, lettuce hearts, onion, tomato, sweet corn and olive oil
Catalan salad (Traditional Catalan salad)
Green salad topped with Catalan’s cold meats
Roasted Pepper with codfish and onions
char-grilled red pepper and aubergine (eggplant) with onions marinated and salt cod
Tomato with fresh cheese and pesto

Starters Cold

“Escalivada” (Traditional Catalan dish)
char-grilled red pepper and aubergine (eggplant) with olive oil
“Esqueixada” (Traditional Catalan dish)
Salt cod with onions and topped with grated tomato and black olives
“Empedrat” (Traditional Catalan dish)
cold salad of white beans, grated tomato, salted cod and black olives
white asparagus with mayonnaise or grilled green asparagus
Selection of cold meats
Cheese board
Iberian cured free range ham platter

Our Soups

Garlic Soup
Catalan soup with meatballs
Gazpacho (Cold tomato soup)
Onion soup with egg and cheese

Our Toast

Fuet (dry-cured spicy catalan sausage)
Serrano ham (dry-cured free range ham)
Iberic ham (dry-cured free range ham)
Anchovies from Escala
“Manchego” Cheese
Grilled red pepper and aubergine (eggplant) with anchovies
Char-grilled red pepper and aubergine (eggplant) whit goat cheese melted

Prepared dishes Hot starters

Grilled aubergines (eggplant) topped with melted goat cheese and “tapenade” (black olives purée)
Mixed grilled vegetables with “romesco” sauce
Grilled artichokes (seasonal)
Crispy fried camembert cheese with tomato relish
Grilled snails (escargôts) with herbs
Hot and spicy snails casserole
“Provoleta” grilled melted cheese to dip with toasts
Light pastry with “escalivada” and caramelized foie gras
Stuffed potato with wild mushrooms sauce and foie gras

Dishes made Dishes of cuisine

Meatballs and cuttlefish casserole
Roast beef with apple compote and garlic mayonnaise with honey
Casserole of pigs trotters with snails
Casserole of pigs trotters with shrimps
Steack Tartar
Duck fillet in vermouth sauce
Beef “Carpaccio”
Cod a la llauna (cod with garlic and white beans)
Cod with “samfaina” (ratatouille)
Cod “Grata Colloni” Baked cod with garlic mousse
Baked gilt-head with potatoes and vegetables

Our Meat

A quarter of chicken
Half rabbit
“Botifarra” Catalan pork sausage grilled with white beans
“Botifarra negre” Catalan black pudding (contains boiled pork blood)
Onion pork sausage (contains boiled pork blood)
Pork belly
Pork cheeks
Lamb chops
Beef Entrêcote
Beef ribs
Fillet of beef
Breaded lamb chops
“Cebón” (Entrêcote of beef - 750 gr)
Fillet of beef with mushroom sauce
Fillet of beef with foie gras sauce
Pigs trotters

Accompaniments Sauces

Toasted bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil
Side of white beans
Side of French fries
Extra portion of wild mushroom sauce or foie gras sauce
Allioli / Mayonnaise
Romesco Sauce